On stage, we didn't achieve to play a song, nevertheless, we made this video with the help of a professional guitarist and present 3 songs so you get to see how this device works.

About Us

Visual Music Z is a group of entrepreneurs with a desire to innovate music, with great curiosity about science and technology that seeks to generate products capable of revolutionize the market and the musical experience.
This time, the team has been developing an electronic musical instrument making use of a fifth affination, technology and an eye-catching design.

3D Design



We seek to generate instruments to sell and make a company where we innovate in music, added to a social purpose to help issues of motor rehabilitation, with great musical research and medical research, we are generating a project with a potential to generate a finished product and ready to be sold worldwide.


What we want to achieve is an improvement in the music through robotic, also, we pretend to extend this project up to something bigger, showing the new side of the music.

Who Are We?

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This instrument is tuned from a D4 and it possess notes with a fifth affination; this distribution starts on a high note. We made use of those aspects, since the tuning is multiuse and is common among many instruments, as it is found in many musical repertoires. On the other hand, it was showed by different authors speculate the slope on the use of diverse instruments, such as the electric guitars.
Nevertheless, one of the goals is to get a closer look to incite the use of the instruments and to evolve this field. Although it’s thought to be an instrument in slope as said previously, it’s shown that improves physical benefits, such as coordination and enhanced brain development. Also, with the coordination included, it has been showed that has a slightly relation to the rehabilitation and motor stimulation.
The CDC (Center of Disease Control) presents that motor disabilities caused by accidents or as a psychomotor issue are presented among 15.5% worldwide.
The use of this instrument, as a medical instrument and learning device, has a diverse use and similarity with diverse exercises for fine motor skills improvement. In this case, we also based our research with a person that experienced a fracture on the cubital bone and she decided to give it a try.


Our videos

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The HTML code is intended to make a full-base for our achievements, we are going to improve and make a difference for the following projects.